We have commissioned a team of manufacturing specialists, chemists and product experts to focus on innovation and product improvement to meet the evolving needs of our customers. The Paperlogic group has ongoing R&D programs, combined with improvements in our manufacturing processes, enable us to turn a customers’ vision into a paper product reality.

Our in-house paper lab continuously evaluates new or improved papermaking additives and fibers prior to running trials on the paper machine.

We work closely with industry associations, other industry leaders, and research institutions and collaboratives to develop state-of-the-art advancements in papermaking across a wide spectrum of applications and end uses.

Nano Fibers (CNF)

Turners Falls Paper was awarded a U.S. Government grant specific in conjunction with the University of Maine to develop the use of cellulose nanofibers (CNF) as a papermaking component. Through our Paperlogic group a research partnership was formed with the University of Maine that has opened the door for many nano fiber paper applications i.e. improving strength and durability, moisture-proofing, greaseproof and other proprietary applications. These papers are grease, water and tear resistant.

Our research and innovation has put our mill on the cutting edge of this exciting new paper making technology.


Our Paperlogic team is working, with an industry supplier and academic researchers, to commercialize a groundbreaking new product for the agricultural industry. This new paper product is intended to replace the extensive use of black plastic film on farm fields. These plastic films are currently used to control weeds and improve seed germination. This new paper “film” will naturally biodegrade within a controlled time frame (weeks to months). This will be more environmentally friendly, as well as cost effective, since it will eliminate the need to remove the plastic film from the fields after each growing season. Initial trials look very promising.

Baking Paper

An exciting current initiative is the development of an environmentally friendly baking paper.

Baking and Greaseproof papers are normally treated with chemicals (usually Chloro-Flouro-Carbons (CFCs), Silicon or Chromium based compounds (such as Quilon)) to make it impermeable to oil or grease – and is frequently used in cooking or food packaging.

Working with an industry supplier, our Paperlogic specialist are attempting to develop and commercialize a paper treated with an all-natural (plant based) compound to eliminate the need for chemically treating the paper.