Mill Overview

The Turners Falls Paper mill with its papermaking history and expertise is considered the preeminent producer of cotton fiber papers in America. Colors are a common occurrence in our manufacturing schedule, sometimes for several days in a row in everything from pale pastels to a variety of shades of black.

We are often referred to as “The Papermakers' Papermaker” since we produce a significant amount of paper for other mills. Our one paper machine mill has the flexibility to make small runs and provide an Exact Match™ in finish, color or any other specification. 

Our flexibility allows us to experiment with new technology, a variety of fiber treatments and we welcome the challenge to try something new.

Mill Specifications

Paper Machine Trim Width: Max. ~110” (2846mm); Min: contact us
Basis Weight: Bond (17 x 22 - 500) - 11# -80# (40gsm – 375gsm)
Roll Width: 8.5” to 110“+
Roll Diameter: 20” to 52"
Roll Converting: rewinding, slitting, trimming, labeling, wrapping and shipping.
Sheet Converting: Precision Sheeting is available on our Maxson sheeter.
Sheet Sizes: Min - 11” x 15” Max - 54” x 60”.
Smaller sheet sizes are available off our Guillotine Trimmer.
Envelope Production: Please contact us for more information
Environmental: FSC certified grades available, SFI, Recycled and Post Consumer fibers available.
Energy Sources: Traditional and renewable; including hydroelectric and windpower (with windpower REC credits).
Watermarking Options: Raised marks, Shadow marks, Combination marks,
Centralized marks, Localized (“cut to register”) marks, Private watermarks marks, datemarks.

Special Features and Grades

  • Textures
  • Color Matching
  • Size Press Applications
  • Wet End Additives
  • Calendaring
  • Slitting/Cutting
  • 3,4,5,6,8” Cores
  • Inclusions in Sheet (RF-ID/scannable fibers, hemp, etc
  • Watermarking “in” the sheet for verifiable identification
  • Water resistant (not waterproof) papers
  • Saturating Base Papers
  • Minimum runs as low as 3000 lbs.

Contact us for any specialized colors, textures, and more...