Turners Falls Paper... a new name for an old company

Surely a name change is newsworthy and a big deal!

Our mills, Esleek, Southworth, Byron Weston and the Eaton paper line have a long history of premier paper brands. Now our brands no longer dictate who we are rather it's our capabilities. First and foremost we are a paper mill with the know how to make the finest of premium quality papers.

Turners Falls Paper is a company not a brand. It is the legacy of our location as a paper mill on the banks of a river known for its crystal clear water essential for fine papermaking. It's where we live and first and foremost who we are ................. a paper mill.

Who we are signals where we are going. The new Turners Falls Paper is an evolution of producing quality papers requiring a special expertise. Our mills have always had the common thread of quality papers. For some we have become the papermaker's papermaker, for others a reliable source for custom papers and for ourselves to become innovative leaders developing new frontiers in papermaking.

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