Cotton Fiber Papers

Turners Falls’ roots are in production of cotton fiber papers. Cotton is a natural fiber known for its strength, durability, and permanence. It is the original ingredient used in American papermaking and because of this many of our important documents have preserved over the centuries. These papers are the best for archival purposes and wherever the best and most prestigious paper is the foremost consideration. They are commonly used for letterheads, wedding invitations, and legal documents along with a broad number of uses in the preservation and conservation industry. No other paper has the feel of richness comparable to cotton fiber papers.

Archival Papers

We produce archival papers for a wide variety of uses in the preservation and conservation industries. These papers are made with either 100% cotton fibers, lignin free wood pulps or a blend of both. Archival papers help to preserve valuable documents, and are used for artwork, museum collections, historical manuscripts, certificates, and storage sleeves. Most of the papers we produce can be made with archival properties although cotton fiber as a prime ingredient is recommended. 

Additional Uses

  • Archival Envelope: Buffered or Non-Buffered Archivert Standard
  • Buffered Bond
  • Herbarium Paper
  • Interleaving Paper
  • Microchamber Enclosure Paper
  • Museum Barrier
  • Museum Board
  • Storage Paper: Buffered or Non-Buffered


Basis Weights:

8 LB to 34 LB (17 x 22-500)