Base Papers

Turners Falls Paper manufactures base papers to handle the unique requirements for saturating, impregnating and coating. We’ve manufactured base papers for such diverse uses as inkjet coating bases, the vulcanizing process (requiring saturating and laminating of multiple layers of paper), and resin saturated papers for the decor as well as the electrical (nonconductive) component industries. Our membrane carrier paper has been used for carrying medical and industrial membranes from the “casting” (or forming) machine through heat or air tunnels for final curing. Cleanliness and the ability to withstand high temperature are important attributes for this base paper.

Décor Papers

These papers are used in the manufacture of high pressure and low pressure laminates. These laminates are used to produce an ever-growing number of products including furniture, countertops, flooring, vertical and horizontal decorative panels.

Turners Falls Paper produces saturating base papers for the decorative laminate industry. Utilizing our advancements in color control and consistency, we produce a wide array of custom colors. These real time controls allow us to manufacture a custom color run in volumes as low as 5,000 lbs.

Typical grades that we produce include:

  • Decor Paper; HPL & LPL base paper
  • Indicator Papers
  • Ink Jet Fine Art Base Paper
  • Membrane Carrier Paper
  • Plotter Bond
  • Saturating Base
  • Vulcanizing Base Paper
  • White Alpha Tube Stock