Captain Byron Weston founded the Weston Paper Company in Dalton, Massachusetts in 1863. They became nationally known for record keeping papers used by municipalities throughout the country. It is often said, "Byron Weston is part of all of our lives, from our birth certificate, to a marriage license, and finally a death certificate, are all likely recorded on Byron Weston Paper". Those documents remain well-preserved thanks to Byron Weston's archival qualities.

Today, Byron Weston is part of Turners Falls Paper, located on the banks of the Connecticut River in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. They are still playing an active part in our lives as the premier producer of fine archival papers.

Permanent Record / Archival Papers

Byron Weston Papers have been manufactured since 1863 and are recognized as the standard for permanent records. When preservation and conservation is important, these 100% cotton specialty papers are the choice for archival record keeping, important legal, business and government documents, certificates, diplomas and awards.

Byron Weston Papers are both durable and permanent.


Durability relates to the paper’s ability to withstand continuous handling and folding. Cotton fibers are the longest and most durable fibers commonly used in papermaking. We rely exclusively on cotton fibers and their strong, supple nature to provide this extra degree of “durability”.


Permanence is determined by the paper’s ability to resist deterioration over time. Paper deterioration is accelerated by several factors, including acidity and moisture.

The best archival papers are made with cotton fiber. Cotton is always the prime ingredient for the assurance of longevity. Acid free conditions and additives are a further assurances of permanence. Neutral or alkaline sizing is incorporated in our sizing process and buffering compounds build an alkaline reserve that prevents environmental acidity from deterioration of the paper.

All Byron Weston papers and envelopes are made to archival standards.


Ledger paper is made with specifications for record and bookkeeping usage. The caliper and surface finish are exact for this purpose.

Byron Weston Linen Record Ledger
100% Cotton Fiber

The best in both durability and permanence. Widely used by municipalities for birth, death and marriage certificates. This paper is the best archival paper made in America.

Byron Weston Linen Record Ledger Xerographic
100% Cotton Fiber

Surface finished for the ultimate reproduction qualities in ink acceptance and machine compatibility.

Greylock Ledger
25% Cotton Fiber

Surface finished for the ultimate reproduction qualities in ink acceptance and machine compatibility.



Cotton Fibers = Durability

Acid Free Chemistry = Permanence

Permanence + Durability = Archival Quality

Permanence + Durability = Byron Weston Ledgers


Bond paper is primarily used for documents where a rich prestigious feel and a level of durability and permanence is needed.

100% Cotton Fiber

Our customers tell us that this is the best cotton fiber paper made in America. This grade has a rich appearance and a special feel only 100% cotton fiber papers have. White and Ivory 24 and 28 lb.

Weston Bond
25% Cotton Fiber

Our staple item. Rich in feel and appearance. A blend of fine cotton and pure white sulfite. White and Ivory 20 and 24 lb.

Diploma Parchment
100% Cotton Fiber

This is Certificate Paper. It is heavy weight (47 lb) and used for diplomas and certificates. It is virtually indestructible.

Envelopes (straight grain) 

We make our own envelopes with a specifically produced paper. These envelopes are made from a cotton fiber (25%+) blended furnish and match all grades. The paper has added opacity and enhanced adhesion properties. Substance 24, not watermarked, white and ivory.


Vellum paper is soft to the touch and has the extra bulk to make wedding invitations or important announcements stand out from the crowd. Like a fine leather, it's the "hand" that makes the difference. Byron Weston vellums are all 100% cotton fiber for that special look and feel. Our card stock is also the ultimate for a business card.

Wedding and Card Vellum
100% Cotton Fiber

Soft rich 100% cotton fiber paper with a supple velvet feel for the ultimate in invitation and card stock.

White and Ivory

Substance 32

11 Point

Certificate Paper

This is a special paper designed for certificates. It is very durable and made with archival properties. Conforms to JCPH20.

Diploma Parchment
100% Cotton Fiber

This is a Certificate paper. It is heavy weight (47 lb) and is used for diplomas and certificates. It is virtually indestructible.


The First Choice for Prestige and Permanence Is Cotton Fiber Paper from Byron Weston